Lorde to Return to the Studio ‘Within the Next Month Or So’

Lorde is about to get cracking on her sophomore album.

The teenage New Zealand-born phenom will hit the studio in a matter of weeks to begin work on a follow-up to Pure Heroine.

The big news didn’t come via Lorde’s social media accounts, or a press release, but from her producer and collaborator Joel Little, who spilled the beans in an interview for Australia’s Triple J radio network.

Speaking with Triple J music director Richard Kingsmill, Little said he’d join Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) in the studio to carve out a new slate of recordings. “That’s the plan, basically. We’re just going to start writing some songs. We haven’t got some planned out ‘this is what it’s going to sound like’… I think we’re just going to start writing and when it starts to feel right, we’ll know that it’s right. It’s pretty simple really.”

How soon? “Really soon. Like within the next month or so we’ll be in the studio.”

Little, who has worked recently with compatriots Broods and Australian artist Daniel Johns, says he doesn’t overthink the creative process. “I don’t know where the inspiration comes from for stuff. You work and at some point you feel you suck for the first 10 hours and in the last hour in the studio something great happens. You just never know when it’s going to come.”

Little produced every track of Lorde’s multi-million selling 2013 album Pure Heroine, including the global hit “Royals,” which he also co-wrote. “Royals” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine weeks. A slew of awards followed, including a brace of Grammys and a pair of Billboard Music Awards.

credit: billboard.com


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