SOM Music/Sony Partners With Aphillyated

Aphillyated brings a new look to the SOM marketing firm with his accolades, and accomplishments. Being a producer he has worked with several mainstream and indie acts, even taking the role of adding different chords and sounds to finish some of your favorite projects. Aphillyated looks to take his producing career to the next level by partnering with SOM and give other artist the opportunity to be distributed and marketed under his own imprint. Having already won a grammy and being known in the music industry he only continues to rise and become The Super Producer he is striving to be.
Now partnering with SOM, Aphillyated will have a wider platform for distribution and connections that will help his overall career to expand. Aphillyated currently is working on several projects, that he will be releasing very soon and with this in order, new music, and new production will be coming from this great producer!
Phillip”Aphillyated” Guillory is an american producer, composer, writer and concert promoter. Phillip hails from hollywood , California and began playing the keyboards at the age of 13.
He has been a studio producer for over 20 years. in 2004 phillip signed a contract with Viacom television networks (mtv, vh1,bet) and produced music for hit television shows such as “pimp my ride”, P. Diddy’s making the band” and date my mom.
His music is currently featured on shows such as “ basketball wives”, “guy code” and” girl code”. Phillips’ music is consistently featured on over 30 tv programs worldwide. Phillip is part of the production team “the bridge’”who produced on the grammy award winning project “Gravity”, for artist Lecrae.


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