Exclusive Video Premiere: Karmin Go DIY Video Route for New Single ‘Along The Road’

After an album and EP on Epic Records, Los Angeles via Boston-based duo Karmin (Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan) are back to their indie roots. “We never really had the opportunity to try and do anything alone, just the two of us. Nick is producing now, so it’s a hundred percent Karmin, there’s no denying that, and I think it’s long overdue,” Heidemann tells Billboard.

The pair has positive things to say about their days at Epic, but they asked for their release to have a chance to do exactly what they wanted with their sound and image. “We developed amazing relationships that we would not have today without them, they gave us the radio start. But we just felt it was a different thing [musically] from what they thought it was,” Noonan says.

“We were hungry to try a more musically honest approach. We wanted to be a little bit nerdier than we think they had hoped,” Heidemann adds.

The duo will release their new album Leo Rising later in the year and the band went hardcore DIY — from shopping for the set to building it in the very rare L.A. weather — when shooting the video for their first single, “Along The Road.” “We knew we were gonna shoot the video on a Wednesday, the Wednesday prior nothing was done yet. So we somehow got a thousand sample shoes from Creative Rec, which were amazing, it was perfect,” Noonan explains. “Then we went to Home Depot on Sunday, got all this plywood and paint, painted all the plywood black, made framing and then started drilling them in.”

“And it started hailing, the paint was running everywhere,” Heidemann says.

Despite the rain, hail and running paint the pair came up with a set design that meant so much to them they didn’t want to just dismantle it. So they are putting it to good use. “We built this beautiful set that we would perform in front of and that set ended up really beautiful, meaningful, spiritual and we have our friends over at the children’s hospital in New York, St. Mary’s, so we’re giving it to them,” Heidemann says.

Watch the video for “Along The Road” below, which Billboard is exclusively premiering.


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