Madonna Kisses Drake During Coachella Performance

The kiss heard (or seen) from around the world has to definitely go to Drake and Madonna!

Madonna crashed Drizzy’s Coachella performance last night (Apr. 12). The 56-year old Queen of Pop is known for some wild videos and live performances and last night was no different. During the performance the Rebel Heart singer bent down and planted one on Drizzy.

The If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late rapper’s reaction after they kissed had looked pretty perplexed and we couldn;t tell whether it was of disgust or tears of joy. Most seem to thinkhe wasn’t that into it and that he kind of looked like he wanted to puke. “What the f-ck just happened?” said Drake afterward. “I’m Madonna, bitch,” the pop singer mumbled before leaving the stage.

A few weeks ago, the singer/songwriter shared that she wants to kiss the Toronto MC.  “The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake — and only kiss him,” she said. Well it looks like Madonna has gotten her wish!


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