Review: Brad Sweet Releases New EP “The Human Response”


Brad Sweet, a very unique and creative artist, has recently just released within the world of music his latest music The Human Response, which is an EP filled with 6 great songs. Each song tells a tell and are filled with dense emotions which in turn gives the EP and an overall well-rounded feel. Music such as Sweet’s doesn’t come very often and will stand against the tales of time through today’s current condition of music. We here highly suggest and recommend this EP to be heard and listened to.

Brad went in to explain the meaning and feelings behind his very first self-produced EP:

The emotion that destroys us is the same one that will heal us.  

Writing for this album started with a concept brought about by Avianna Acid. She said she wanted to write a song called “Placebo Effect”. The placebo effect, of course is a phenomenon in medicine that makes patients that think they’re taking a drug to get better actually become healthier despite the fact that the drug they’re taking is not real.  Since people respond to fake drugs by actually getting healthier could we respond to a fake love in the same way?

I wanted to explore the relationship between a toxic relationship and an addiction to a drug. In both we deal with a gamut of emotions; we feel desire, sadness, hopelessness, fear, acceptance, pain, hate….and most of all, we feel alone. 

This is the first EP I have ever produced, I want to thank Mike Ault for the countless hours of help and instruction he gave me to make this all sound as great sonically as it could and also Joe Allegra who was there drinking beers along side me for the writing process and telling me what sounded good and what didn’t. 

Check out The Human Response now:

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