Korveil Releases New Track “Everything”

Korveil is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from Chicago, Illinois. He is well known for his behind the scenes work as a recording studio engineer, music producer, background vocalist, and artist manager.

In 2014, Korveil’s decided to come to the forefront with the release of his record “Feeling Alive”, which acclaimed success with dance music DJs from around the globe, and also landed him several commercial licensing deals. At the top on 2015, Korveil released another dance banger called “Everything”, which further established him as an emerging artist and producer. Many labels have taken notice of Korveil’s sound and has commissioned him to collaborate with several projects.

Korveil’s music is a blend of Chicago House with today’s current EDM sounds. He elaborates, “as a singer I want my records to be vocally driven and not overshadowed by the beat”. In fact, he used the abbreviation for the word “vocals” which is “vox” into naming his label VOXO Music Group.

Korveil is currently in Los Angeles collaborating with other artist, placing music for TV, and getting acquainted with a new city. He is also working on his EP to be released summer 2015.
“Everything” is fully written in English, It’s primary genre is Dance, and it’s secondary genre is Pop. The track BPM is set at 128, accompanied by a powerful lead vocal backed by harmonies. “Everything” was released on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and every major digital retailer on February 24, 2015. For inquiries and bookings contact Anthony McGhee at 312-600-8696.


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