Ed Sheeran: I Didn’t Cry at ‘Photograph’ Video, But My Manager Did

One week before performing “Bloodstream” at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards,Ed Sheeran released an emotional music video for another one of his X tracks. The “Photograph” clip features a collection of home videos from Sheeran’s childhood, and on the red carpet on Sunday night (May 17), the singer-songwriter told Billboard that the collage didn’t make him tear up — but it did get to someone very close to him.

“My manager cried, and I kind of looked over to him and was like, ‘Really?'” said Sheeran. “I guess because it’s me, I’m not really going to [cry] … But I’m glad other people cried!”

Sheeran also discussed the fact that he was originally supposed to debut “Bloodstream” live on television at the Grammy Awards, but ended up going with his No. 2 smash “Thinking Out Loud.” Sheeran will be touring through December, and when it comes to writing new material on the road, the U.K. star says, “I try to, but I don’t always succeed.”

Watch the “Photograph” video below:

credit: billboard.com


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