Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video Should Be a Movie, Karlie Kloss Says

When Taylor Swift hit the Billboard Music Awards red carpet with her “Bad Blood”co-stars on Sunday, Karlie Kloss was noticeably absent. That’s because Swift’s BFF was halfway across the world at the Cannes film festival in France — but just because she wasn’t in Las Vegas for the big premiere doesn’t mean it wasn’t on her mind.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Kloss at the fest, and they asked about what it was like shooting the star-packed video.

“Any day you get to go to work and hang out with your best friends is a good day at the office,” Kloss smiled. “I think it came out amazing. She just broke the record of all-time views in a 24-hour period or something crazy,” Kloss added, citing the Vevo record Swift broke this week, topping Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.” “She’s breaking records left and right this year.”

In fact, Kloss thinks the video is so epic that it shouldn’t be contained to just four minutes. “I think she should turn it into a movie,” she suggested. “I think it could be a full-length feature film — premiering next year at Cannes!”

Watch her full interview below, with her “Bad Blood” comments starting at 2:01:

credit: billboard.com


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