Meet King Brice!


Multi-talented music-producer & recording artist King Brice has been making a difference in the music-scene and continually inspiring others to be their creative-best for the past fifteen years.  Born in Port au Prince, Haiti; this artist once formerly known as R.E.P.T.I.L.E. spent his youth being raised in the city streets of Essex County, NJ listening to the old-school giants of rap, hip-hop & R&B.  After diving deep into the wildly innovative & groundbreaking lyricism of legendary hip-hop artist KRS-ONE, it wouldn’t be long before King Brice would take hold of the studio-controls and the microphone to discover his own incredible skills & ability to connect to people through his music.

Starting strong out of the gate into the beginning days of his music career, King Brice shot himself into the scene quickly in between 1999-2001.  With his fresh-perspective, thought-provoking lyrics and seemingly-endless creativity combined with his easy-going yet extremely dedicated attitude in the studio – King Brice quickly found himself in the midst of whirlwind of support, enthusiasm & love for his music.  Soon he found himself featured on the soundtrack to The Life Soundtrack with major-label recording artists like Xzibit, Juvinile, Nature & Ja Rule on the only hip-hop cut to make the album called “25 to Life.”  As the heads, ears & minds of peers and industry-reps began to take notice of King Brice’s work through the success of this collaborative effort – he would finish off the first years of his career on a high note being featured on the Ghetto Superstars album alongside Pras of The Fugees and Mack 10 of Westside Connection.

From there King Brice would go on to performing  and making a video appearance in the hip-hop version of

“New Day” from rap-pioneer Bumpy Knuckles and also featuring Wyclef Jean.  With one success leading constantly to another, he would spend the next 4-5 years continuing to impress audiences all over the map & sharing stages with incredible talents like Cormega, Swizz Beats, Foxy Brown, Pete Rock, Killa Priest of the WuTang Clan & many more.  Continuing on a collaborative path, he established life-long affiliations with the Agents Of Influence, which includes a line-up of incredibly skilled artists from the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, led by Montreal’s Brotha Jacksun and also collaborated with world-class talents like French rap-artist Thaddeus & Yuki Amano Jack from Japan on the incredibly inventive & energetic hit-single “Make’Em Dance.”

After taking a short break following the passing of his mother – King Brice came back to the music-scene in 2009 with sharpened production-skills and an entirely fresh mindset now equally dedicated to using his knowledge, skills, and influence towards a greater-good in assisting others with their own music and also working alongside various charitable causes.    He was booked as the top-performer in the Mr. Africa event put on by the Fabo Foundation to support deaf children in Africa and has also organized important events with Guinsly Etienne – founder of the Citizens Committee To Protect Haitians.  To this very day he remains an active supporter of the AJE Foundation and is currently playing a key role in the “Plant A Tree” project, along with Professor DE Cayard helping raise awareness about the importance of planting trees in the Caribbean.

This inspirational artist continues to see his stardom on the rise and is currently working harder than ever in 2014.  Working on the soundtrack for the H23 Gallery – the world’s largest museum dedicated to the life of basketball-legend Michael Jordan – King Brice remains both incredibly active in the music scene & his charity work.  With part of the proceeds for the H23 soundtrack going towards fundraising efforts to put an art-school into Brooklyn – he’s doing his best to bring the audio & visual arts to the forefront of a whole new generation of talent & young musical-minds.  King Brice and his highly adaptable skillset, incredible instincts for production and his commitment to overall excellence in everything he’s a part of is providing the very blueprint on how to succeed rapidly in the music-scene and establish a career with longevity & the well-earned respect of peers and collaborators and music-fans everywhere.


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