Zayn Malik Signs With RCA!

About a month and a half back, Zayn Malik’s solo career found itself in what appeared to be quite a few curve balls. The former One direction memeber had songs and remixes featuring his vocals and were being released by people who were not Malik. Reports surfaced that the 22-year-old was not allowed to officially release solo music for another two years for legal reasons. Naughty Boy, the producer he had been recording with after leaving One Direction, was publicly dismissed by Malik as a “fat joke.” This was after 1D’s Louis Tomlinson engaged in an awkward Twitter feud with his former band mate, and One Direction fans were in a dilemma over choosing their allegiances.

Malik’s decision to go solo last March made international headlines, and his debut was always going to generate enormous attention. From an outside perspective, however, Malik’s first few months post-1D were a professional mess, full of half-finished songs and unanswered questions. With a first step this clumsy, could Malik be seriously expected to stride toward stardom without his band mates?

Fortunately for fans, Malik’s career looks to be back on track. This week’s back-to-back signings with Turn First Artists management and RCA Records signals the proper first snap of Malik’s solo career following months of false starts. There’s no time frame for his solo bow, but Zayn stans can rest easy knowing that it will likely be handled the right way.

Malik’s partnership with Turn First, which follows his time with Modest! Management as 1/5th of 1D, underlines a dedication to genuine artist development. The London-based company headed by Sarah Stennett has used the financial backing of Universal Music Group chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge as a means of slowly growing its roster of pop talent, which includes Iggy Azalea and Ellie Goulding.




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