LEL Brothas – “Mr My Way” Official Music Video



The LEL Brothas are an American Hiphop group from Prescott Valley, Arizona. Officially 2 members, the founder DJ Clone and member Nytmare, the LEL Brothas never go far without LEL Step-Brotha and hype man CB5. The LEL Brothas made Hiphop history in 2011 by being the first ever American Hiphop group to perform in a concert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and were named Ambassadors of the American music culture by the USA State Dept. and Ambassador James Smith.

The LEL Brothas have headlined in over 11 countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Ireland, England, and the USA.. The LEL Brothas have rocked over 500 stages worldwide! They have had music placements in many television shows and Indie films including “Eric and Jesse: Game On,” and the National Cable TV Association. In 2011 the LEL Brothas had a major placement in hit video game “Rock Band 3” with their hit song “Hatas.”

The LEL Brothas have performed alongside many Hiphop legends and are soon releasing their 3rd Album titled “Pandemic.” In 2016 a comprehensive documentary will be released that chronicles the LEL Brothas journey to stardom from the group’s formation in early 2005 until present.


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