‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Wants to Re-Create Britney Spears Video on Set

Say what? With Britney Spears confirming that she would appear on the fifth episode for season two of Jane the Virgin. No one is more excited than Jane herself, Gina Rodriguez, who said Spears “is my childhood.”

It’s a good thing Britney Spears performs “…Baby One More Time” weekly in her Vegas act, because her No. 1 fan is ready to pull out the video’s moves with her.

“I just want to do the dance from ‘…Baby One More Time’ with her on set … and record it,” Rodriguez told People magazine. “I want to do that so badly!”

We’ll just be patiently waiting by Rodriguez’s Instagram account for that one. The Golden Globe-winning actress is “so freakin’ stoked” to have Spears on set. “She was literally the first pop star I ever knew existed.”

Spears will appear in the fifth episode of the upcoming second season as the nemesis of Jane’s dad, telenovela star Rogelio De La Vega (Jaime Camil).


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