San Francisco Giants Made an Absurdly Hilarious ‘Full House’ Parody Video

As the Major League Baseball regular season pulls to a close, the San Francisco Giants are having a Full House-themed night at the ballpark, and they’ve hyped it with a promo video of epic proportions.

Full House was set in San Francisco, so it all makes so much sense! Watch the video below as players like Hunter Pence, Brandon Crawford and even manager Bruce Bochy riff on the antics of Jesse, Danny, Uncle Joey and more. Watch to the end for a special cameo!

It all goes down Sept. 30 at the Giants’ AT&T Park, for a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. And all fans in attendance get that marvelous Full House snowglobe from the video. Yes, those are the “painted ladies” houses from the show’s intro inside the dome. Just get there early, because these items usually go fast and you don’t want to resort to bargaining with other Full House fans inside the ballpark


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