Charli XCX, Bleachers Cancel Rest of Co-Headlining Tour

Charli XCX has announced that her ‘Charli and Jack Do America Tour,’ a co-headlining trek with Bleachers, has reached the end of its destination. She took to Facebook to announce the news of the abrupt ending of the tour in which Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff confirmed the news in his own post.

Dear angels, friends and fans.

I have some bad news. Regrettably I will not be continuing my spot on the “Charli and Jack Do America Tour” this coming autumn. For personal reasons I will not be able to continue this tour. These personal reasons include the fact that I need to be creative. Artists tour for a really really long time and I have been on the road for a while now, probably not as long as some, but for me it feels like an eternity. I am struggling to create whilst I’m on the road and that is making me unhappy.

As an artist I need to move quickly and write a lot to not feel restless. Sometimes touring really puts me in this isolated world where I feel down and sad but primarily I struggle to multitask and write songs at the same time which is what I need to do to feel OK. I never want to do a show where I just feel like I’m going through the motions. I want to perform and feel alive and like I want to be there and if I force myself to do this, I will not perform a great show for you.

I had a really wonderful and amazing time touring throughout the first leg with Bleachers, one of the most incredible, energetic and kind bands (and crew) I’ve ever been on the road with. Jack is a star and his show is truly amazing. I will still be joining him for the Shadow Of The City Festival, his own festival, in New Jersey on September 19th.

I am so sorry to all of the angels I am bailing on last minute. Please know this was not an easy decision. I feel terrible letting you down like this and I really I hope I haven’t messed up your plans too much. I’ve been honest and even though some of you will be understandably angry, I hope you can respect my telling the truth in this matter. Once again sorry.

Lots of love Charli xxxxx

Charli XCX has been touring internationally throughout 2015 in support of sophomore album Sucker, which was released last December. In addition to headlining shows and the tour with Bleachers, the 23-year-old supported Katy Perry on her Prismatic tour’s European leg last winter, and performed at festivals like Governors Ball and Lollapalooza this summer.

The singer-songwriter confirmed that she would still be performing at Bleachers’ Shadow Of The City Festival in New Jersey on Sept. 19, but that the second leg of the North American trek, which would have returned to Boston on Sept. 14, would not happen. Antonoff explained that none of the shows would be continuing as Bleachers headlining shows.

“[S]ince I found out my team and i have been scrambling to try and figure out a way to continue with the tour on our own, but It has been made clear that reworking the tour at this late stage without charli is not realistic,” Antonoff writes. On the bright side, Antonoff adds that “because of the cancellation I will be getting back into the studio a bit quicker than planned to work on the new bleachers album for you all – promise to get back and tour on that asap.”

That truly sucks!



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