Pleasure Faction – That’s So Human


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A modest singer/song writer, producer, wistful lover; Pleasure Faction sings of his one true love with great fervor, he sings of the vast realm of consciousness unnoticed by those who are still controlled by their minds, he sings pure truth and emotion, he sings life, love, soul, and peace. If you are dissatisfied with your current sources of pleasurable enjoyment, if the mainstream, materialistic, and whimsical have you feeling junior, or you are just plain old sick and tired endlessly obeying a vile bird of prey (your mind), then Pleasure Faction is your dependable source of true, humble, soulful, pure, non-sampled, non-remixed, original electronic music. look no further for the truth, for the answer lies within.

Also featured on the track is Mothica, fluttered my way from the Oklahoma suburbs to New York & accidentally fell into music while studying to become a web programmer.


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