Spaced Out Magazine’s CEO Celebrity Journalist Rueben Wood Talks Launch!




Rueben Wood, born September 26, 1991 is the owner of Spaced Out Magazine. Rueben was born to a Mr. and Mrs. Wood in Brunswick, Georgia, and he was raised in Northern Georgia. He started making music at the young age of seven years old. He participated in his first cypher to Juvenile’s “Back That Thang Up” summer 2000. At the age of 10 years old, he began freestyling in battles at his school with winning being the outcome.

The year 2007 marked the point in time when he really began taking up music, and had begun using his abilities. He received a mass amount of buzz from his mixtape , Look At The World The Way I Do. From that mixtape it boosted his notoriety as he then began to appear on online radio.

His music later started being heard nationally as he gained performances at a variety of places in Georgia, Florida, New York and in California. From his knowledge and success as an artist it opened the door to his entrepreneurial spirit as CEO of Spaced Out Magazine. At only 24 years old to date Rueben Wood has accomplished more than most his age, and continue to break major barriers in the business/entertainment world.

Wood recently launched his brand in the state of Georgia at rapper/industry exec Tip’s restaurant Scales 925. QT Jazz, ATR Records, J Metro, Relli Rok Omega, Frost, Nyla Vamp, Tina, Final Draft, Dj Cypher, The Cast of Living Large In ATL, Artist Angelina, and more were in attendance. I was able to give Final Draft the Magazine Cover Award, while in attendance for gracing the cover of our first issue to hit stores.


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