The Little Girl Who Cried Over Adam Levine’s Marriage Finally Met Him on ‘Ellen,’

Sugar?! Nah, thanks. I’m good.

That was basically the sentiment 3-year-old Mila gave Adam Levine when she met the Maroon 5 heartthrob on The Ellen Show. The little lady’s breakdown about Levine’s marriage has nabbed over 5 million YouTube views in just a little over two weeks.

Naturally, wish-maker Ellen DeGeneres saw the viral vid and brought Mila and her mom Emily (the cinematographer in this situation) on the show to discuss Mila’s one true love. The tiny-sized superfan gained a denim vest and matching outfit covered with hearts and shots of Adam Levine’s face.

But like any young woman looking for love, when DeGeneres brought out the man of her dreams in the flesh, things got a little too real for Mila, who decided to cling to her squad (a.k.a. mom) and cast Levine some major side-eye.

“I think she’s changed her mind. I don’t know what happened,” DeGeneres joked. “It’s a lot to meet the love of your life suddenly.”

Check out the cute video below.



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