Gwen Stefani Says She Has Enough New Music For Two Albums

Upon getting material done for the new album, Gwen Stefani says she may have had a little writer’s block when she first headed to the studio to write her new album, but now, she says in a new interview with Zane Lowe, she’s on a roll.

“I think I have enough for probably two albums,” she told the Beats 1 DJ. “I have to write a few more songs, because I feel like, might as well keep going while it’s there.” Stefani recently released a new single called “Used To Love You,” her first of the year.

“I got 20 songs. I have a whole record in eight weeks, but I want to keep writing,” Stefani added. “You have to understand how much I couldn’t write, and then all of a sudden I’m writing, writing, writing.”

Stefani also discussed the last No Doubt album (2012’s Push and Shove) in the interview, saying that at that point, she was struggling creatively. “Making that last No Doubt record was so hard, like knocking my head against the wall,” she said. “But now it’s happening again, and it’s like the most incredible thing ever. It’s so incredible to be able to use my gift again.”


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