The Ultimate Present For Songwriters

Gift cards get a bad rap. Often thought of as a last minute or thoughtless present, gift cards are so often opened, acknowledged, and then set aside. Rarely does the recipient express any level of genuine excitement or appreciation.

This is the end of that. The end of blasé presents. The end of gift card let down.

This is the beginning of gift card envy.

SongCat is without doubt the ultimate holiday gift for every singer, songwriter, composer, or musician on anyone’s list. Every musician dreams of having one of their songs professionally and fully produced, whether it is for their own personal enjoyment, as a gift to share with loved ones, or as a demo to pitch to artists. SongCat makes song production and mixing reasonable and attainable, and with gift cards available in denominations of $50-$300, it makes  giving as flexible as it is affordable. Song production is a gift that will give on for decades, even centuries. A gift card from SongCat is the ultimate gift for musicians because it is more than the gift of music, it is the gift of immortality – an opportunity for a musician to be heard until the end of time. Does it get any better than that?

Shop at and order your personalized gift card before it’s gone.



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