SUPERMAN Acoustic Music Video


Dalal is an Award-winning Austrian Recording artist, singer, songwriter, composer and actress. She is considered one of Hollywood’s most promising up and coming performers. A Billboard chart-topping artist in the US and a Chart Topper in the UK, as well as a Hollywood Music in Media Award Nominee, Dalal is well known for her beautiful live performances and the array of breathtaking rhythms and improvisations on Stage. She performed at the Sundance Film festival, The House Of Blues, LA Convention Center, The United Nations (Vienna, Brussels, Istanbul), Couture Fashion Week, at the Waldorf Astoria, various Radio Shows in the US and in Europe, BMI Acoustic Lounge Los Angeles, and performed at New York Fashion Week.

After the success of her song “Superman” (Hollywood Music in Media Award Nomination), Dalal released the painfully emotive and beautiful Acoustic version. The new version can be heard on Soundcloud at


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