Get To Know New Artist, Destiny!


Destiny was 5 when she first appeared on the television network Univision as part of an original tribute song for 911 victims. Before turning 12, Destiny had written 5 songs that were on iTunes and on 23 radio stations. Destiny entered and won multiple 1st place songwriting contests including the one she won her sophomore year in High School. She was encouraged after reading the contest evaluation statement, “You are already a star in my eyes.” The grand prize was to see and meet the staff at Remote Control Studios- home of 4-time Grammy Award winner-Hans Zimmer! There was no turning back for Destiny!

Before her high school graduation, her classmate James, son of industry leader, Mark Burnett, signed Destiny as his first official Songwriter to Burnett Music Group.

Destiny, has since released two music videos, written over 125 songs in multiple genres, and is elated that one of her original songs, “Sweet Dreams” premiered on the premiere of TLC’s new Series, “Answered Prayers” hosted by award winning actress and producer, Roma Downey on Sunday, July 26, 2015!

Destiny’s two debut Music videos are on Youtube, Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Vevo and all major Digital outlets with more videos being added regularly. Destiny’s music video, “I Feel Alive” has also been nominated for, Music Video of the Year, by the Hollywood Music Media Awards. Destiny will be walking the red carpet at the HMMA Awards on November 11, 2015!

Destiny has recently played at famous venues like, the House of Blues in Hollywood, the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip, the Canyon Club, Calamigos Ranch, and the Malibu Inn -among others!

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