Dylan Reischb – Hit The Road

Dylan Reisch is an Australian born singer songwriter that moved to Canada in
early 2008. His charismatic personality is reminiscent of an early Paul
McCartney mixed with a slightly more eclectic writing style. While growing up
in Australia he played in many bands with close friends.

He was the kid that
played every house party and while the rest of the kids were drinking away
their time so was he, he just carried the life of the party through music.
Although his music career was not even a thought he moved away to travel
the world, while constantly writing songs on his life experiences. Eventually
he landed in Toronto Canada and decided to set up shop.

This eventually led
to him being a part of more successful bands and eventually one night had
his chance to be in the right place at the right time.

One night he was performing a sold out show while a small time
Independent record label rep quietly listened at the back of the room. After
that night he was presented a recording contract and a year later had his first
debut solo record.

In March of 2016 Dylan Reisch will be releasing his debut rock record titled
Edge Of The World with the assistance of New Media Records and Universal
Music Group. This record will prove to be a bench mark of his career to

Follow Dylan on his adventures and become a part of his story by coming out
to a life concert, following him on social media and listening to him music.

artist webpage: www.dylanreisch.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/dylanreischmusic


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