Angelina Panozzo and The Women In Music Podcast


As a composer, I’ve written original compositions and arrangements for a variety of ensembles, and I have premiered pieces in Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Vancouver; there are plans in the works for other premieres later in 2015. I’m also a burgeoning video games composer – are you an indie games designer who needs fast, efficient, reasonably priced music? Hit up my contact page!

An alto at heart but a soprano by nature, I’ve performed as a soloist in many facets. I’ve performed in many musicals and opera workshops, most recently Dido and Aeneas. Do you need a soprano for a gig? Let me know! I also sing as a soprano in the London Philharmonic Choir.

I write for several online music magazines, including Polonious Music, Persephone Magazine, and I Care if You Listen. You can also read my blog by clicking on the Musically Notable tab on this page! I’m available as a freelance blogger or researcher, and I can provide ample examples of my work and publications.

I’ve lived in more countries than you can shake a stick at (United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom), but I’m currently located in the Greater London area.

The Women in Music podcast explores gender inequalities in music and celebrates the successes of women composers, musicians, and music journalists. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing music educators, all-star sopranos, and internationally acclaimed composers. If you know of a woman composer who would love an interview, contact me via this website or on Twitter!

Visit the podcast site here:


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