Aubrey Whitfield – Out of Air

AUBREY WHITFIELD is a British singer-songwriter based in London, originally from Merseyside.

As well as being a highly regarded songwriter for other artists, 2015 saw the rise of Aubrey as an artist with 6 worldwide singles released, several live performances on major radio stations and airplay of her songs on over 160 radio stations across the globe.

A multi-instrumental, having played the guitar and piano since the age of 11, Aubrey has been gaining swarths of fans due to her impressive brand of pop-rock coupled with her unique and powerful vocals.

In early 2014, Aubrey founded her own record label, 2ube Records which now boasts an impressive roster of pop acts and up and coming remixers, including incredibly successful remixes of her own songs by producers J.G.F and Alises.

Aubrey is known for her energetic and mesmerising live performances which show off her melodic heart-felt songs with live guitars to produce a truly entertaining live set. Combine that with her powerful and unique vocal, you have a female artist who stands out as something fresh and exciting.

Her debut EP, Code Red, is due for release in the Spring. All is set to plunge Aubrey into the mainstream music sphere.

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