Kosta Lois – Gravity (Lyric Video) ft. Jonathan Mouton

Producer, composer, songwriter, and pianist Kosta Lois is quickly making a name for himself in the LA music scene as someone who represents a keen fusion of current pop and high artistic integrity. Lois accomplishes this fusion through his unique musical background. Raised in a Greek-American household, Lois was entrenched in Greek folk music, Greek pop, and jazz improvisation. Lois applied this early influence to his development as a classical pianist and composer, studying under renowned composer Bright Sheng and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.

After graduating from The Evergreen State College, Lois found himself in Chicago, working closely with the hottest DJs and artists embedded within the nightclub culture. While in Chicago, Lois became immersed in perfecting his skills as a producer, and blended his loves for pop, composition, and jazz. Since moving to LA, Lois has built his studio and reputation by recording scores of artists, working with dozens of current hit songwriters, and developing a sound that masterfully blends his classical music education with his passion for pop, dance, and jazz music. This sonic unity is perhaps best exemplified through his collaboration with Hollie LA, a singer and songwriter Lois has been working with since 2006. Their song, “Domesticate It,” has been heard on NBC’s The Office, while the subsequent album, Unlocked, has been featured on more than a dozen television networks and shows, including MTV, Telemundo, TBS, E!, Tia & Tamera, and Jersey Couture.

For more information, please visit http://www.kostalois.com.



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