Gangsta Rabbi – The Real Me


Punk Rock with a twist, is the best way to describe the latest release from Gansta Rabbi! With a strong funky sound, he gives you music to capture the sound of rock. We at the music vision characterize this record as a concrete guitar with phasing background vocals. If it is a category, that is. Gangsta Rabbi makes a blend of unfriendly stereo music, with a punk rock influence. Not being a typical artist, he has been called a genius and confused at the same time, but then again aren’t we all? “The Real Me” have you met him? That’s the real question you’ll ask yourself when you take a listen to the song.

teve Lieberman was the subject of three three-hour-long radio specials on Stony Brook University Radio WUSB (FM), one in 2009,celebrating the release of the “Diaspora” album and one in 2008 after the release of his Psych Ward album. At the end of 2014, simultaneously with the release of his 22nd cd Cancer Ward Lieberman was invited back to WUSB to speak candidly about his career, future and fight with cancer as well as to perform live songs from Cancer Ward. The event was promoted by the station as “The Return of the Gangsta Rabbi” as few believed Lieberman will ever produce music again as his leukemia worsened. At the end of the show, Lieberman said that if his strength holds up, during 2015, he will release a third charitable covers album to be titled “Return of The Jewish Pirate”. Between January and April 2015, he recorded 77 tracks, which will be released as a 4-cd set in the spring of 2015 and all gross proceeds will be donated to animal rescue and leukemia research causes.

Additionally, two of his recent songs, “I’m Not a White Boy” and “Obama-Rama, Yeah!”, both held the #1 spot on the SoundClick Global Alternative genre chart.
In the spring of 2013, as his cancer progressed to myelofibrosis leukemia, Lieberman took the now obscure biblical Nazarite vow for life. In the fall of that year, he had announced plans for a final album to be called Cancer Ward which was released on 30 December 2014. It is a concept album, dealing with Lieberman’s six-month-long chemotherapy treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the third consecutive course of treatment which failed to suppress his disease’s progression. The repeating theme of Cancer Ward is Steve Lieberman, living on borrowed time with a resistant uncurable cancer, while always contemplating his imminent, early demise. Lieberman took a full year to finish “Cancer Ward” because of frequent hospitalization as the leukemia progressed to mid-stage 3 with high risk myelofibrosis.

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