Panache Culture Struggle feat Prezident Brown Out of the new album title “Justice”

Panache Culture & Prezident Brown

Panache Culture, a band from Belgium Europe, has accompanied throngs of Jamaican artists over the last 25 years (Earl 16, Mickey Spice, Daweh Congo, Anthony B, Rico Rodriguez, Macka B…), has collaborated with Mad Professor and has made 5 rather special albums. After all this time the Hamra brothers’ group enjoys an ironclad reputation and regularly ventures into other genres and disciplines. Last year they even rearranged Mozart into reggae, backed by musicians of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège.

Through Runn Records, Panache Culture came into contact with Prezident Brown, who was mid 90s one of the few remaining roots deejays. Or should we say singjay? Even prior to the rise of Sizzla, Anthony B and other bobos, Brown had developed a striking melodious style, something between the shining old school examples of U-Roy and U-Brown on the one hand and peers like Tony Rebel on the other. His inspiration is strictly rasta which was certainly not an obvious choice in the heyday of slackness and gun talk. For this reason Prezident Brown is more successful in Europe than he is in Jamaica, especially after he found the perfect backing band in Panache Culture. 15 years after, this unique combination is making a one-off comeback.


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