Exclusive: QT Jazz Talks New Single “Faded Royalty” & More!

faded cover final
1. What is the biggest accomplishment you have done in the music industry?
One of my biggest accomplishments was probably singing the National Anthem for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was such a fun experience, but it is my favorite experience mainly because my dad is such a huge basketball fan and he was so proud of me!
2. What do you consider to be the ideal life of a musician?
Being able make and live by music that is true to you, headlining your own tour and creating business ventures based off of your brand.
3. How do you deal with the pressures of being a musician?
Put it all in a song. Musicians can tend to sell themselves short (and drive themselves little crazy) dealing with pressures of life and exposing their feelings about it via social media. I hope as I grow in my craft and career that I learn to stick to my values and “Be Beyoncé” meaning I only give what is necessary my attention and if it is necessary for me to go there, I can simply put it in a song.
4. What type of artist do you consider yourself?
If I was to describe what type of artist I am, I would say I am mainstream artist that makes contemporary/urban pop music.
5. What can we expect with your acting career?
I want a role that expresses my musical talents definitely more television and movie roles in the future!
6. How long have you been acting?
I have been acting since I was three years old. I use to do Toys R Us and Volvo commercials when I was little.
7. Have you ever thought of doing Broadway?
Yes! I have never seen a Broadway show live in person though! I did do musicals and plays when I was growing up, and they were so much fun. Getting to know the cast and rehearsing everyday built this family/friendship between the other actors and I that I still hold close to my heart this day! My ideal role to play would be Cinderella.
 Song “Faded Royalty” is set to release June 17, 2016 to all major digital stores, and currently going in rotation on FM stations as well as online.


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