New Music: Marwan Maurice – I Can’t

Creating a sound like no other Marwan, makes country/pop music look good! Since some of the most commercialized music was originally created by Black artist, it is a breath of fresh air to see someone getting recognition early on for their material in a not so common genre. The song “I Can’t”, gives more than just an ode to relationships, when they realize they should of stayed will it be too late? That’s the question many people ask themselves after they have lost the person that would have really potentially spent the rest of their days together.

Maurice goes through the motions in the visual to “I Can’t”, creating a perception of realization for the woman whose lost the best thing that has ever happen to her. As he recalls and protest her feelings of regret and what could have been something great, she can only wonder and think to herself could he have really been the one?

A versatile individual intrigued by the arts, Marwan Maurice is a passionate singer, songwriter, well-rounded instrumentalist and poet. His very unique sound comes from the multi-instrumental ‘One Man Band.’ He began his career in music after a successful profession as an international basketball player and realizing his heart and passion truly lives within music. His pursuit led him on a journey across the world throughout several countries, bringing the experiences of exploring new interests on different levels, helping him evolve into the diverse talent he is today.


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