Duce Blaque – Da Beast


“Many are called but, the chosen are few”… and in the chosen few you will find Rapper Donald Kimbrough also known as Duce Blaque. Hurling like a tornado, this E. Texas artist is creating more than a “buzz” up & down the mid-west and southern regions.

Raised in Texas with birth ties to California, Duce Blaque Da Beast has met life at the crossroads where he has experienced poverty, loss and tragedy. Raised by the hands and love of an amazingly strong woman, his mother guided him in life, helped to build his street savvy, confidence and survival skills. He has tons of ambition, work ethic, humility and life experiences….these are just a few words to describe this American Rap/Hip-Hop artist.

Duce is a music enthusiast, it has been said that his mother use to place her headphones on her stomach to sooth him when he was in her womb. Could it be that the smooth rhythmic vibes of jazz and blues music helped to shape his passion and interest in music and then an artist was born.

Duce Blaque is known for his lyrical messages and constantly pushing his music. His First album “Treading Softly” was distributed nationwide landing in cities such as Compton, Oklahoma, Atlanta and various cities across the Texas landscape.

Duce has worked with or performed with artist such as UGK, Erykah Badu, Devin the Dude, just to name a few! Duce Blaque is a natural at this. In life, every story needs a teller, who has the ability to genuinely captivate, entertain and motivate with stories. Lessons of life, the struggle, recovery, ambition and his entrepreneurial spirt. Watch for him – he is definitely a star on the rise!

Follow him on SOCIAL MEDIA – IG: iamduceblaque | Twitter: iamduceblaque and Facebook: Iamduceblaque

WEBSITE: www.iamduceblaque.com



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