Coffey Cuts Records Announces the Release of Prefix One Featuring Andrae Melody Palmer AKA Mr. Melody performing on the new Single, “It Is What It Is”.


Music is a form of art that involves organizing sounds and silence. It is expressed regarding pitch (which includes melody and harmony), rhythm, and the quality of sound (which includes timbre, articulation, dynamics, and texture). While music may be an excellent form of entertainment, it can also have healing effects on the broken-hearted individuals in a fallen relationship. It is, for this reason, Andrae Melody with his unique voice will be reaching out to lovers in controversial relationships, inspiring them with his all new song — “It Is What It Is.”

The first single is “It Is What It Is” has the tone of its lyrics sets from a contentious setting between lovers.

In the debut single, Andrae aims to challenge the typical mindset of the broken males in a fallen relationship. Without being rude, offensive or disrespectful, Andrae portrays the attitude of conclusiveness, resolve, and closure with a self-assuring confident tone that confirms his wholeness of being regardless of losing a partner of which he gave his love indeed.  

“As a general rule, a perceived fear of loss is greater on the mans side of things no matter who is at fault in this society. It’s been seen and unconsciously accepted that in the falling of a relationship, it’s the man that’s being preyed upon and being victimized for a loss that was out of his control, even if he did nothing wrong, explained Andrae.

In an attempt to make the “It Is What It Is” more stimulating, Andrae has recorded and produced the track using an upbeat progressive style. Starting off with an intro befitting to be heard in times of heights of RnB music, engaging thrill and tension of music and expression slowly builds up and rolls out into a smooth, funky, soulful house beat that creates feelings of rising from one situation to another.


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