Em-Soto Just Dropped “Drift & Swerve” and Gives Us the Details!


1. What is the biggest accomplishment you have done in the music industry?

The biggest accomplishment in the industry was me having my record played on power 105.1 in my hometown NYC

2. What do you consider to be the ideal life of a musician?

Non-stop movement city to city to include overseas traveling. hours upon hours of recording very little sleep.

3. How do you deal with the pressures of being a musician?

I deal with the pressure as it comes but for the most part balance can go out the window especially when putting a project together

DriftNSwerve Distro

4. What type of artist do you consider yourself?

 A hard working artist that is never satisfied with his product and gets bored quickly once something is put out.

5. What can we expect with your acting career?

I’m not really an actor but Ive always wanted to do motion picture film so hopefully a few movies before its all said and done

6. How long have you been acting?

I haven’t done acting  before.

7. Have you ever thought of doing Broadway?

Never thought of doing it but I wouldn’t turn it down if the opportunity came about


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