Watch The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ Video & Stream ‘Collage’ EP

The Chainsmokers have been taking over this year with their chart-topping singles such as “Don’t Let Me Down”, “All We Know” featuring Phoebe Ryan and the number one single, “Closer” featuring Halsey. “Closer” has been staying atop the Billboard Hot 100 for over nine weeks and now the electro-pop DJ duo finally released the official music video to go along with the inescapable catchy song.

The video starring Chainsmoker Drew Taggart and vocalist Halsey and is set on the two lovers of the conflicted lyrics, as the video showcases their relationship’s ups and downs. The music video visually appeals to what the song clearly serenades the listeners with.

The Chainsmokers have since have released a new five-track EP entitled, Collage, that features a new track, “Setting Fires,” in addition to the other three triple-platinum singles. For now, the duo has yet to release a full album and don’t have any plans to do so yet. Check out the steamy video above and check out the EP Collage below!



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