‘Avatar 2’ Might Have a Release Date

Avatar 2, might finally be getting a release date! According to  20th Century Fox, it has a handful of dates in its upcoming calendar. According to Exhibitor Relations, the studio confirmed a number of upcoming films, including two new Marvel movies and while ‘Avatar’ isn’t mentioned directly, it seems James Cameron has a new movie on the horizon.

“UNTITLED FOX/LIGHTSTORM FILM will drop December 21, 2018,” they revealed.

 Lightstorm is James Cameron’s production company and with 20th Century Fox expected to distribute the upcoming ‘Avatar’ sequel, it is quite apparent that this ‘untitled’ movie will most likely be ‘Avatar 2’. Fox has already said that ‘Avatar 2’ would likely drop around December 2018.

‘Avatar 2’ was originally projected to release back in 2014, so an official release date is still no guarantee at this point . Sure, the ‘Avatar’ sequel is going to come out eventually. But 2018 might still be a bit optimistic. And  there also is  5 sequels apparently in the works.

The untitled Fox/Lightstorm film heads to the theaters December 21 2018.


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