Lady Gaga Releases ‘Million Reasons’ Video

Following her recent performance of “Million Reasons” at the <em>Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show</em>, Lady Gaga has released visuals for the hit single.

The video picks up right where the “Perfect Illusion” music video left off as a “Million Reasons” video illustrates a transformation from powerhouse Grammy-winner to her simplified Joanne alter-ego, accompanied by an emotional sisterhood of support and a guitar.

The video begins with Gaga in the desert with a slew of black SUVs coming to her rescue to take her to her video shoot, where she prepares to sing in her signature pink attire.

Gaga is shown sitting at a vanity getting ready for her shoot as she finds a small box with a bow on it sitting in front of her. As she prepares to open it, the video cuts to different flashbacks — scattered between footage of Gaga singing with her guitar in what seems to be a white studio — showing her friends pouring out of the black SUVs, racing to her side as she starts to cry. Then, Gaga is seen opening the box, which reveals a rosary and a little note that read “Love you, sis.”

Watch the “Million Reasons” video below:


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