New Music: Phillip II – Set You Free

Giving a new name to Hip Hop soul is what recording artist Phillip II is doing in his latest single “Set You Free”. Originality and rhythm along with a hook progression create beautiful sound for the artist’s breakout record. You can expect to see much more from his as he grows and progresses as a musical talent. He has heavy influence from the 90s rap generation which evolve his passion for storytelling and creativity in making music in general. Let us know what you think below!

Simply put: The Man. The Brand. The Legacy. He’s Phillip II. Redefining hip hop soul back to poetry over rhythm, with a style that’s classic and a story that’s profoundly original. With “Set You Free” being the first release behind the new pro sound, it’s only fitting that a proper campaign be set to really engage listeners from everywhere and all walks of life. Therefore, Phillip II has partnered with Ajamu Kambon and his team over at Deep Roots Records to burst onto the scene and wave his flag to the industry. His statement: I have emerged and I’m here to stay.

Phillip II has every intention on fulfilling his watchword, “The Man. The Brand. The Legacy.”, with emphasis on the last part. The goal is to demonstrate his creative talents and introduce his artistry through each song released. He confidently states “I’m going to build my foundation brick by brick, leading up to a full blown project just beyond the horizon called O_______ T______”.
Be on the watch for more to come. Phillip II has every intention to continue letting you know, bit by bit, just who “The Man” is, while building “The Brand”, and staying focused on creating “The Legacy” that’s long lasting.


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