Rick Ross Releases New Track ‘Summer ’17’

Ricky Rozay has released a new track entitled “Summer ’17,” which the rapper released Wednesday night (Feb. 8) on SoundCloud.

In lieu of his next album, Rather You Than Me, Rozay recently penned an open letter reflecting on his come-up: “10+ years in this game and it has all led to this moment right here. My entire life I was never given choices, I had to create this shit for myself. I had no choice but to boss up, to make it by any means necessary, to turn nothing into everything that you see in front of you today.”

He also spoke of Rather You Than Me‘s significance, “This album is more than just another project for me. It’s a product of strength, perseverance and detemination. Rather You Than Me is a testimony. My testimony, and if you a real n—a, no matter where you from, you can relate to this.”

Rather You Than Me marks Ross’ first album under his Epic Records deal as he previously released nine albums under Def Jam. Listen to the song below:


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