Listen: Phillip II – Nobody, Anybody

We asked Phillip II to describe the record to us and here’s what he had to say: “I don’t listen to nobody, don’t listen to anybody”, but rather the deeper meaning… that we all must make a decision at one point or another to be guided or to find out for ourselves. To touch the burner to see if it’s hot or heed the warning. Time is linear. We must accept whatever results from that choice or choices we’ve made for ourselves. Either way.. live the choice, and live with the choice!

The Man. The Brand. The Legacy. He’s Phillip II. Redefining hip hop soul back to poetry over rhythm, with a style that’s classic and a story that’s profoundly original.

Phillip II has every intention on fulfilling his watchword, “The Man. The Brand. The Legacy.”, with emphasis on the last part. The goal is to demonstrate his creative talents, and introduce his artistry through each song released


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