Advent - Silent Sentinel

Advent - Silent Sentinel
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:17:27
Artist: Advent
Album: Silent Sentinel
In Illo Tempore / Henry PtakAdvent3:18
To Dunsinane / Henry PtakAdvent4:25
On the Wings of an Ant (Verse 1) / Arthur Hoffman / Henry PtakAdvent2:16
Voices From California / Henry Ptak / Mark Robert PtakAdvent7:34
The Uncharted Path / Alan Dean BenjaminAdvent6:23
Reloj de Sol / Alan Dean Benjamin / Gregory Stephen KatonaAdvent2:36
On the Wings of an Ant (Verse 2) / Arthur Hoffman / Henry PtakAdvent2:20
The Silent Sentinel / Henry PtakAdvent19:11
12/12 / Gregory Stephen KatonaAdvent2:39
Sentinel's Reprise: The Exit Interview / Henry PtakAdvent5:12
Second Thoughts / Alan Dean Benjamin / Gregory Stephen KatonaAdvent2:22
On the Wings of an Ant (Verse 3) / Arthur Hoffman / Henry PtakAdvent2:24
Full Moon and Empty Hours / Henry PtakAdvent2:00
Riptide in Aeternum / Henry PtakAdvent2:45
Romanitas / Henry PtakAdvent12:02

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