Alan Merrill - The Face of '69

Alan Merrill - The Face of '69
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:09:54
Artist: Alan Merrill
Album: The Face of '69

In 1969, Alan Merrill was one of the biggest stars that Japanese rock had ever seen, western or otherwise, and three decades later, Merrill recalls those heady days of hysteria with a song that also reminds us why he was so huge. Because he is a fabulous songwriter, with a dramatic grip on melody and a sense of humor, and a storyteller's gift for drawing the listener into anything he puts his voice to.Twenty songs long and strong, The Face of '69 is a collection of songs that span both his career and his address book. "Always Another Train" presents a virtual supergroup as he hooks up with Steve Winwood and Mick Taylor; "Love Express" draws Rick Derringer into the mix, but of course the album is so much more than a sum of its contributors. The pulsating "Hard Road," with a solid riff and wailing guitar solo, is one early highlight; a gentle cover of Meat Loaf's "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" is another. And so on. "Slow Down" is taken at Mach ten; "Hang on Sloopy" leaves you airborne with delight; and, when he looks back at "Walk Away Renee," you remember just how much you loved the song in the first place. The face of '69 is still looking good.

The Face of '69 / Alan MerrillAlan Merrill2:30
Hard RoadAlan Merrill4:31
Hang on Sloopy / Wes Farrell / Bert RussellAlan Merrill2:56
Lesson LearnedAlan Merrill3:40
White HeatAlan Merrill4:00
Love Express / T. TaylorAlan Merrill3:15
Two Out of Three / Jim SteinmanAlan Merrill5:18
Slow DownAlan Merrill2:56
Walk Away RenneAlan Merrill2:42
Pretty BallerinaAlan Merrill2:50
DesireeAlan Merrill2:56
You / Ed O'Brien / Phil SelwayAlan Merrill3:26
Long ShotAlan Merrill3:31
Miles AwayAlan Merrill4:14
Always Another Train / T. TaylorAlan Merrill3:24
Breathe on MeAlan Merrill5:23
Every Time She Comes AroundAlan Merrill3:07
TheoAlan Merrill3:48
Rock on YouAlan Merrill2:51
Only 19Alan Merrill2:36

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