Albert King - Truckload of Lovin' [Charly/Utopia]

Albert King - Truckload of Lovin' [Charly/Utopia]
Genre: Blues
Duration: 39:20
Artist: Albert King
Album: Truckload of Lovin' [Charly/Utopia]
Release Date: 1976
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Soul-Blues, Urban Blues

King's formidable talents are rendered impotent on this one. R&B producers Tony Silvester and Bert DeCoteaux prove an unequivocally bad match for King, drowning his barnburning guitar licks and gutwrenching vocals in a sea of strings and backup vocals. Things really go south with "Hold Hands With One Another," which is mind-bogglingly corny. In fact, the only worthy songs here are the title track and "Sensation." A failed attempt at commercialism that didn't satisfy old fans, or woo many new ones.

Cold Women With Warm Hearts / Sir Mack RiceAlbert King4:10
Gonna Make It Somehow / Carl ThomasAlbert King4:15
Sensation, Communication Together / Mary Davis / Sir Mack RiceAlbert King7:23
I'm Your Mate / Eddie FloydAlbert King4:42
Truck Load of Lovin' / Jimmy LewisAlbert King4:35
Hold Hands With One Another / Terry Collins / Bobby EliAlbert King4:51
Cadillac Assembly Line / Sir Mack RiceAlbert King4:25
Nobody Wants a Loser / Herman KellyAlbert King4:59

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