Aleister Crowley - 1875-1947: Satanic Verses

Aleister Crowley - 1875-1947: Satanic Verses
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Duration: 03:59:58
Artist: Aleister Crowley
Album: 1875-1947: Satanic Verses
Release Date: March 13, 2001
Styles: Speeches, Sound Collage, Erotica, Spoken Word

According to legend (the back cover), the production of Aleister Crowley's 1875-1947: Satanic Verses was wrought with spooky occurrences and questionable coincidences -- the random bar code assigned to the Dressed to Kill record begins with the numbers 666. Boasting six (that's right) discs of cloven-hoofed empowerment and featuring titles like "Sodomy," "Beastiality," and "Phallus Erectus," the collection incorporates Crowley reciting incantations and philosophy behind generic moaning, sex acts, and atonal keyboards that all sound like "In the Beginning" from Mötley Crüe's Shout at the Devil. While only intended for ritual use, the producers missed out on a chance to do something truly horrifying. Their insistence on filling space with useless blips and retro-techno-beats disguise the unsettling crackle of Crowley's voice. 2001's 1910-1914: Wax Cylinder Recordings on the Transparency label offers a far more disturbing depiction of evil and from a uniquely historical perspective.

Gnostic Mass: Every Man and Every Woman Is a StarAleister Crowley4:57
Gnostic Mass: Love Is the Law - Love Under WillAleister Crowley5:07
Gnostic Mass: Sigil of the Master TherionAleister Crowley11:55
Gnostic Mass: 666 - 418 - 93Aleister Crowley3:35
Gnostic Mass: The Scourge, The Dagger and the ChainAleister Crowley5:06
Gnostic Mass: Aning Ning NingAleister Crowley6:27
Gnostic Mass: Osiris RisenAleister Crowley6:16

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