Allison Stayer - The Latest Hour

Allison Stayer - The Latest Hour
Genre: Folk
Duration: 57:45
Artist: Allison Stayer
Album: The Latest Hour
Release Date: December 14, 2006
BlackbirdAllison Stayer4:44
Long-Since Forgotten MysteryAllison Stayer4:38
Coal MineAllison Stayer4:34
FunnyAllison Stayer5:10
Better WayAllison Stayer4:29
I Need ThisAllison Stayer5:06
DreamAllison Stayer3:45
Vulnerable WoundsAllison Stayer4:07
Where No One's GoneAllison Stayer5:32
When I GoAllison Stayer5:29
DrunkAllison Stayer5:36
What You NeedAllison Stayer4:35

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