Angra - Freedom Call

Angra - Freedom Call
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 48:45
Recording Date: 1996
Artist: Angra
Album: Freedom Call
Release Date: 1996
Recording Location: Be Bop Studio; Grooveria Eletro-Acustica Studi
Styles: Heavy Metal, Neo-Classical Metal, Progressive Metal

Freedom Call is an EP released after Holy Land, featuring one new song in the title track. Remixed versions of "Queen of the Night," "Reaching Horizons," and "Deep Blue" are all right, but are not too different from the previously available versions. The orchestral version of "Stand Away" is excellent, and a remake of Judas Priest's "Painkiller" is the other high point of this EP. [Freedom Call was reissued by Century Media in 1999.]

Freedom Call / Kiko Loureiro / Andre MatosAngra5:08
Queen of the Night / Rafael BittencourtAngra4:38
Reaching Horizons / Rafael BittencourtAngra5:08
Stand Away / Rafael BittencourtAngra4:38
Painkiller / K.K. Downing / Rob Halford / Glenn TiptonAngra6:05
Deep Blue / Andre MatosAngra3:57
Angels Cry / Rafael Bittencourt / Andre MatosAngra9:54
Chega de Saudade / Antônio Carlos Jobim / Vinícius de MoraesAngra2:55
Never Understand / Rafael Bittencourt / Andre MatosAngra6:22

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