Ashanti - Concrete Rose

Ashanti - Concrete Rose
Genre: R&B
Duration: 54:53
Artist: Ashanti
Album: Concrete Rose
Release Date: December 14, 2004
Recording Location: Armory Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; C.H. Studios, New York, NY; The Enterprise, CA; The Hit Factory, New York, NY
Styles: Contemporary R&B

Now that Ashanti's career runs three albums deep, not including 2003's floptastic Ashanti's Christmas, it's high time Inc head Irv Gotti put the Mary J. Blige comparisons to rest. Mary -- power tempered with finesse -- and Ashanti -- consistently soothing, never overstated -- are entirely different stylistically, and a compilation of the younger singer's best work wouldn't stand a chance against her elder's What's the 411? or My Life. Disregarding the ill-suited standards, an Ashanti album is always good for a handful of strong singles, as Concrete Rose helps indicate. As expected, Ashanti firmly believes this is her best album to date, but it's no better or worse than her 2002 debut or 2003's Chapter II, with the standout singles, decent album cuts, and filler fluff provided in equal doses. As opposed to Chapter II, which was essentially a production showcase for Chink Santana (with some work and guidance by Gotti), Concrete Rose puts most of the control back into the hands of 7 Aurelius, the one behind "Foolish" and "Baby." Excepting an appearance from T.I., the album is strictly an in-house Inc. affair, with staffers Santana, Jimi Kendrix, and Demi-Doc also on board. Ja Rule makes an appearance on "Turn It Up," the most energetic club track, and doesn't destroy it. He also seems to be having a good time -- a rare occurrence in 2004.

Concrete Rose Intro / Seven Aurelius / Irv GottiAshanti1:17
Still Down / Ashanti Douglas / Malcolm Flythe / Irv Gotti / C. Harris / Clifford Harris / K. SmithAshanti feat: T.I.4:13
Message to the Fans (Skit) / Seven Aurelius / Ashanti Douglas / Denzil Foster / Irv Gotti / Jay King / Thomas McElroyAshanti0:24
Only U / Seven Aurelius / J.J. Barnes / Ashanti Douglas / Irv GottiAshanti3:06
Focus / Seven Aurelius / J.J. Barnes / Jerry Barnes / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / Selan LernerAshanti3:17
Don't Let Them / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / D. McGhee / Willie Mitchell / Yvonne Mitchell / Earl Randle / Lawrence SeymourAshanti4:23
Love Again / Aurelius / Seven Aurelius / Devin Copeland / Michael Dean / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / Brad Jordan / Winston Rogers / Todd ShawAshanti4:09
Take Me Tonight / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / Lloyd Polite / K. SmithAshanti feat: Lloyd4:05
U / Seven Aurelius / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / Donald DeGrate, Jr.Ashanti3:36
Every Lil' Thing / Seven Aurelius / Ashanti Douglas / Irv GottiAshanti3:56
Turn It Up / Jeffrey Atkins / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / Curtis Mayfield / K. Smith / Kendred SmithAshanti feat: Ja Rule4:16
Buck 3000 (Skit)Ashanti0:22
So Hot / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / A. Parker / Andre ParkerAshanti4:57
Don't Leave Me Alone / Seven Aurelius / Ashanti Douglas / Irv GottiAshanti feat: 7 Aurelius3:34
Sister Stories (Skit) / Ashanti DouglasAshanti feat: Shi Shi0:45
Freedom / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / D. McGheeAshanti3:51
Wonderful [Remix] / Jeffrey Atkins / Ashanti Douglas / Irv Gotti / R. Kelly / K. SmithAshanti feat: Ja Rule4:42

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