Atomic Rooster - Rarities

Atomic Rooster - Rarities
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 01:00:27
Artist: Atomic Rooster
Album: Rarities
Release Date: October 2, 2000
Styles: Prog-Rock, Album Rock, Hard Rock

This comb through the vaults of the minor British metal-progressive band is heavily weighted toward demos, outtakes, and live cuts from 1980-1981, all of them previously unreleased.

As this was hardly the prime era for Atomic Rooster -- in fact, it was their final couple of years as a band -- this is not the best rarities compilation that could have been hoped for.

To tempt those who might favor their original incarnation, there are a few items from the early '70s, including two previously unavailable 1970 tracks with original drummer Carl Palmer, one of them the original demo of Atomic Rooster's most famous song, "Devil's Answer." Other than that, the only other things on this anthology are three American radio ads from 1971, as well as another 1971 song, "Backward/Forward Revealed" (tagged with the note "fans only," whatever that means, in the track listings). Most of this disc is tired art metal crossover, with a kind of lunkheaded attitude and grating, croaky lead vocals.

It's most valuable for those Palmer-era cuts, especially "Devil's Answer."

Moonrise / John Du CannAtomic Rooster1:06
Atomic Alert / John Du CannAtomic Rooster0:34
Death Walks Behind You / John Du CannAtomic Rooster5:35
V.U.G.Atomic Rooster feat: Carl Palmer4:33
Broken Window / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:47
Alien Alert / John Du CannAtomic Rooster0:28
Throw Your Life Away / John Du CannAtomic Rooster2:49
Devil's Alert / John Du CannAtomic Rooster0:26
Devil's Answer / John Du CannAtomic Rooster feat: Carl Palmer4:00
Do You Know Who's Looking for You? / John Du CannAtomic Rooster2:42
Don't Lose Your Mind / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:32
He Did It Again / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:40
Backward-Forward Revealed / John Du CannAtomic Rooster0:28
End of the Day / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:45
Lost in Space / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:42
Hold It Through the Night / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:10
No Change by Me / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:15
Play It Again / John Du CannAtomic Rooster3:58
I Can't Take No More / John Du CannAtomic Rooster8:57

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