Barbecue Bob - Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1927-1928)

Barbecue Bob - Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1927-1928)
Genre: Blues
Duration: 01:11:53
Recording Date: March 25, 1927 - April 13, 1928
Artist: Barbecue Bob
Album: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1927-1928)
Release Date: 1991
Styles: Country Blues, Pre-War Country Blues, Acoustic Blues, Pre-War Blues

"Barbecue Bob," who was born Robert Hicks, gained his nickname because he worked as a chef at a barbecue place. A warm singer and extroverted guitarist, Barbecue Bob has had his entire output (recorded during 1927-1930) reissued on three Document CDs. Vol. 1 has 21 unaccompanied performances (all of the sessions except two from New York were recorded in Atlanta) plus the two-part "It Won't Be Long Now," which teams Hicks with hs brother, guitarist/vocalist "Laughing Charley" Hicks.

Other highlights include "Barbecue Blues," "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues," "Poor Boy a Long Ways From Home," "Brown-Skin Gal," an early version of "When the Saints Go Marching In" (from 1927), "Fo Day Creep," and "Chocolate to the Bone."

Barbecue Blues / Robert HicksBarbecue Bob3:09
Cloudy Sky BluesBarbecue Bob3:07
Mississippi Heavy Water BluesBarbecue Bob3:05
Mamma You Don't Suit Me!Barbecue Bob3:07
Brown Skin GalBarbecue Bob3:02
Honey, You Don't Know My MindBarbecue Bob3:08
Poor Boy a Long Ways from HomeBarbecue Bob3:00
When the Saints Go Marching In / TraditionalBarbecue Bob3:06
Jesus' Blood Can Make Me Whole / TraditionalBarbecue Bob3:03
Easy Rider Don't You Deny My NameBarbecue Bob2:54
Thinkin' Funny BluesBarbecue Bob3:22
My Mistake BluesBarbecue Bob3:18
Motherless Chile Blues / Barbecue Bob / Robert HicksBarbecue Bob3:10
How Long Pretty MamaBarbecue Bob3:20
It Won't Be Long Now, Pt. 1Barbecue Bob3:29
It Won't Be Long Now, Pt. 2Barbecue Bob3:23
Crooked Woman BluesBarbecue Bob2:48
'Fo Day CreepBarbecue Bob3:02
Blind Pig BluesBarbecue Bob3:12
Waycross Georgia BluesBarbecue Bob3:06
Goin' up the Country / Barbecue BobBarbecue Bob3:10
Chocolate to the BoneBarbecue Bob2:49
Hurry and Bring It Back HomeBarbecue Bob3:03

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