Big Star - Radio City

Big Star - Radio City
Genre: Pop\Rock
Duration: 36:07
Recording Date: 1973
Artist: Big Star
Album: Radio City
Release Date: 1974
Recording Location: Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN
Styles: Contemporary Pop/Rock, Power Pop

Largely lacking co-leader Chris Bell, Big Star's second album also lacked something of the pop sweetness (especially the harmonies) of #1 Record. What it possessed was Alex Chilton's urgency (sometimes desperation) on songs that made his case as a genuine rock & roll eccentric. If #1 Record had a certain pop perfection that brought everything together, Radio City was the sound of everything falling apart, which proved at least as compelling.

O My Soul / Alex ChiltonBig Star5:37
Life Is White / Alex Chilton / Andy HummelBig Star3:17
Way Out West / Andy HummelBig Star2:50
What's Goin Ahn / Alex Chilton / Andy HummelBig Star2:41
You Get What You Deserve / Alex ChiltonBig Star3:07
Mod Lang / Alex ChiltonBig Star2:45
Back of a Car / Alex Chilton / Andy HummelBig Star2:46
Daisy Glaze / Alex Chilton / Andy Hummel / Jody StephensBig Star3:48
She's a Mover / Alex ChiltonBig Star3:13
September Gurls / Alex ChiltonBig Star2:48
Morpha Too / Alex ChiltonBig Star1:28
I'm in Love with a Girl / Alex ChiltonBig Star1:47

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