Born Haitian - Them a Fool

Born Haitian - Them a Fool
Genre: International
Duration: 51:21
Artist: Born Haitian
Album: Them a Fool
Release Date: 1999
Recording Location: FX Studio
Styles: Caribbean Traditions, Haitian

Them a Fool features a dozen songs performed by Born Haitan, a collective of Haitan musicians and vocalists. The group includes several lead vocalists: Guirlene (aka GLX Style), Sylvain Jimmy (Pupa J), Polifort Jefferson (Mega J), Rosefort Romain (Blaka Style), Jeudi Harold (Rodalh), and more. In addition, the group includes guitarists Jackenson Pierre and Glenny Benoit, bassist Rouston Sylvain, and four keyboardists: Celsio Jackson, T Pouch, Joe Dore, and Ronald Louis. The dozen songs on this album are written by different group members. Some of the songs featured on Them a Fool include "I Feel Like Dancing," "Them a Fool," "Dominigue," "Caroline," "Life Is Not Easy," and "Bel Fan'm."

IntroBorn Haitian0:11
I Feel Like Dancing / Mega Jon Bass / Wilson MereusBorn Haitian feat: Steeve Kiat5:13
Them a FoolBorn Haitian5:06
Domingue / Mega Jon Bass / Wilson JeanBorn Haitian4:15
Caroline / Wilson MereusBorn Haitian4:42
Life Is Not Easy / Mega Jon BassBorn Haitian3:49
Bèl Fan'mBorn Haitian4:24
Original StyleBorn Haitian4:12
MizeBorn Haitian feat: Steeve Kiat5:04
Yon Sel Lage (K-Naval) / Born HaitianBorn Haitian5:55
Life Is Not Easy / Mega Jon BassBorn Haitian3:50
Caroline / Wilson MereusBorn Haitian4:40

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