Brenn Hill - Trail Through Yesterday

Brenn Hill - Trail Through Yesterday
Genre: Country
Duration: 47:39
Artist: Brenn Hill
Album: Trail Through Yesterday
Release Date: October 24, 2000
Recording Location: Big Woody Studios, Bellevue, ID; Sundae Sound Studios, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Styles: Contemporary Country

The brief liner notes on this hip, modern cowboy music collection -- featuring mostly original tracks written by the artist himself -- paints Western images everyone can romanticize about: ropin', brandin', far-off sunsets, rivers, and wild horses. But the Utah-born singer need not prompt you. His lyrics on joyful escapist tunes like "Horseback Getaway" and the whimsical "Franklin Canyon Dust" transport listeners to the wide-open spaces of his childhood. If you have any trouble with transportation, he offers the use of his "Cowboy Cadillac." His clear, emotional voice works well with tender, romantic ballads and waltzes and also lends itself to lighthearted folk-flavored numbers like "Burnin' Hair." It would be very easy for Hill to make a few adjustments in production and lyrical themes and head toward pop-country territory. But through writing and singing the songs that keep alive the traditions and heart of the American cowboy, he's made a unique commitment to maintain the legend of the West.

Barrel Racin' Angel / Ian TysonBrenn Hill3:21
Horseback Getaway / Brenn HillBrenn Hill3:19
The Vaquero Song / Dave StameyBrenn Hill4:41
Cowboy Cadillac / Brenn HillBrenn Hill3:27
Burnin' Hair / Brenn HillBrenn Hill2:37
Hand-Carved Heart / Tom RussellBrenn Hill3:04
Franklin Canyon Dust / Brenn HillBrenn Hill2:54
Lights of Laramie / Ian TysonBrenn Hill2:58
Daddy's Last Waltz / Brenn HillBrenn Hill2:52
The Store / Brenn HillBrenn Hill4:14
Next Lonely Drifter / Brenn HillBrenn Hill2:59
The River That Never Runs Dry / Andy WilkinsonBrenn Hill3:11
Woodworker's Hand / Brenn HillBrenn Hill4:50
Goodnight-Lovin' Trail / Bruce PhillipsBrenn Hill3:12

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